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With so many skincare products to choose from on the market, it’s essential that you choose products that will work best with your unique skin care needs.  When choosing a line of products it’s important to look for brands that address a number of skin conditions.  In today’s market, many brands have converted to a safer and more natural method of formulating. 

Truly understading your products and what result they will create in the skin takes time to master.  I have worked with and used Image Skin Care and Yon-Ka as my brands of choice for many years.  These products have proven to be results driven and effective in the treatment room as well as at home. 

Although we live in an age where anything is accessible with just a  click of a button, working with your esthetician brings added value by learning about your skin and learning what products best work for you.  

Founded by French pioneers of aromatherapy, essential oils and phytotherapy, Yon-ka Quintessence is  the DNA of the brand.  Yon-Ka means constant regeneration and newfound harmony.  

This clinical skincare brand powered by safe proven ingredients and smart botanicals was formulated by an aesthetician and plastic surgeon.  Age Later.

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