Top 3 Skincare Action Steps for gorgeous autumn skin!

As we finally approach the Autumn months and can breathe a sigh of relief to cooler and milder temperatures, let us remember the reality of our time basking in the summer sun. I love summer and I love the feeling of a warm sunny day just as much as anyone else but I know what kind of damage that the summer sun (especially the Texas sun) can do to our skin. This list discusses my top 3 skincare action steps to best take care of your skin after a long hot summer!

Is age just a number?

Let’s face it, looking your best is something that is on the mind of most people.  Whether it be for work, for our families or for us personally.

One of the best methods to looking your best is practicing good skin care habits. Let’s talk aging…..

There are two types of aging: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic aging aka chronological aging is natures aging process and is responsible for about 20% of the aging process.  It’s is more related to genetics.  If you come from a family of baby faced relatives it’s worth a few drops in the buckets.  It also works in reverse.  Things like early graying can be attributed to intrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging aka external factors such as lifestyle choices, sun exposure, smoking, unhealthy diet and poor skincare contribute to about 80% of the cause of premature aging.  Photo damage and unprotected sun exposure is the culprit for early aging.  In my practice I see many people that are not aware that they should be using a daily spf in their moisturizer.  This is a very simple step to add to your skin care routine immediately.

What you need to understand is that this is a preventative measure that over time will make a significant difference in your skin’s aging over someone that doesn’t use spf.

Keeping your skin young is only one part of why you should protect it daily.  Cancers are on the rise and skin cancer ( melanoma ) is no exception.

The good news is that extrinsic factors are within your control.  With just a few behavior modifications you can begin to age later so to speak.  Part of my job as an Esthetician is to provide education to you on how to practice good skin care at home.  It’s never too late to begin taking care of your skin.  

Get to know the spa

With so many skincare products to choose from on the market, it’s essential that you choose products that will work best with your unique skin care needs.  When choosing a line of products it’s important to look for brands that address a number of skin conditions.  In today’s market, many brands have converted to a safer and more natural method of formulating. 

Truly understading your products and what result they will create in the skin takes time to master.  I have worked with and used Image Skin Care and Yon-Ka as my brands of choice for many years.  These products have proven to be results driven and effective in the treatment room as well as at home. 

Although we live in an age where anything is accessible with just a  click of a button, working with your esthetician brings added value by learning about your skin and learning what products best work for you.  

Founded by French pioneers of aromatherapy, essential oils and phytotherapy, Yon-ka Quintessence is  the DNA of the brand.  Yon-Ka means constant regeneration and newfound harmony.  

This clinical skincare brand powered by safe proven ingredients and smart botanicals was formulated by an aesthetician and plastic surgeon.  Age Later.

Meet your Esthetician

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Like all of us, I am on a journey of a million steps toward creating meaning and purpose with the life I have been given.  I designed my skin care business with you in mind.  

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The business name Memorial Skin Care hails from the  community where I am located however, my intention is to reach far beyond the boundaries of its location.

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